John Cominsky Jersey

John Cominsky walked into the Little Caesars pizza shop for what had become a semi-weekly tradition. He’d hand the cashier five bucks and some change. The cashier would hand him a large Hot-N-Ready with pepperoni and cheese. If he picked up a couple extra hours working at the library that week, he might splurge on the supreme.

Cominsky would take that pizza back to his place, plop it down, lift the lid, grab a slice and get to work. The University of Charleston defensive end’s mission was to make that entire pizza disappear before he went to bed that night.

Gluttony never was the goal. Every calorie counted. That was evident the second he stepped on the scale at the NFL draft combine, one of a handful of Division II football players to earn an invitation. He tipped those scales at 286 pounds.

That’s pretty impressive for any Division II NFL prospect. Even more impressive for a guy who walked onto UC’s campus as a 215-pound option quarterback.

For Cominsky, every slice of pizza, peanut butter sandwich or trip to Taco Bell, every meal and every bite he took past the point of being full was part of the plan that led to this point. Sometime this weekend, Cominsky expects to hear his name announced in the NFL draft. If it is, he’ll be the first player in UC/Morris Harvey football history to earn that honor in 76 years.

“For this NFL stuff to roll around,” he said, “it’s extremely rewarding to know that, when I had my head down for all those years and long days and for those rewards to come around … rewarding is the first word to come to me, but it’s deeper than that. It’s a deeper reward.”